Use QR codes on your office equipment as a quick reference

You can attach a QR code label to any piece of equipment to provide a quick reference

QR codes on printer Need to order new cartridges? Can’t remember where you last bought them from? Next time make a QR code from the url of the item on the web page of the supplier you bought them from and print it on a label and attach it to your printer. Problem solved. Just scan the QR code when you want to purchase again and that will take you straight to the product.
Tip! You can use our free QR code generator tool to make the QR code – any size you want.
You can use this idea on any piece of equipment or item of stationery or anything that you repeat buy but not very often.
Don’t waste time any more trying to find the last invoice or the supplier details. Just take out your smartphone and scan the QR code.

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