Select and Collect

Select and Collect

Librarians! Get your library going again quickly by enabling your members to select and collect.

Select and Collect
You can use Scan&Get Select and Collect to allow your members to borrow books without having to browse in the the library.

Readers are desperate to get back to reading library books.  They have been patiently waiting throughout the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown for libraries to reopen. However some of them are nervous about going back into libraries. Select and Collect is a way of easing them back in.

Libraries all over the UK are starting to open up with limited hours and some have already been running a book collection service for a while.

How it works

Your members can login as usual to your library web page and select books from your library catalogue. They then reserve them online or by phone.  When you receive their reservation you can use Scan&Get Order and Collect to allocate a date and time for them to pick their books up.  Members will receive confirmation of these details by SMS on their mobile phones.  Then you can have the books ready at the desk or in a lobby or outside the library in lockers so that they don’t even have to enter the building.

Read here a typical example of how a Select and Collect service works for library books:  West Sussex County Council Select and Collect service

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