Omnichannel for independent retailers

Omnichannel for Independent Retailers

Omnichannel for independent retailers

There is an ever increasing flow of news and reports on how retailers need to improve their customers omnichannel experience and while this is true, most of the reports are focused on large retailers with many stores. Accordingly the majority of the omnichannel systems and software being developed are focused on medium to large companies.

Where does this leave the smaller independent retailer?

Because the vast majority of the new omnichannel software and solutions are focused on large organisations, they are not suitable for use by smaller retailers, this is for a number of reasons. Least of all is the cost of using them. In view of this, it is easy to understand why smaller sized independent retailers are getting increasingly frustrated as they get the feeling of seemingly being left behind as technology marches on.

Understanding the challenges

Virtually all retailers recognise and understand that it is essential to continuously improve their customer experience through the use of better social media, mobile ecommerce, email & SMS marketing, personalised promotions, click & collect and creating a seamless shopping experience.

Time and cost issues

The problem facing many independent retailers is that whilst they understand the challenges and are keen to improve their customer’s experience, they are concerned by the costs involved in exploiting new technologies. These concerns are entirely justified as in many cases while there is no doubt sales would increase – for example by offering a click & collect service – the cost of implementing a bespoke solution could far outweigh any increase in profit from sales. Add to this the amount of time and human resources needed to create new services and it is easy to see why independent retailers are finding it difficult to get fully on board with the omnichannel experience.

A cost effective, quick and easy way to test new ideas / technologies

With the Scan&Get platform retailers can make use of a range of omnichannel functions that will allow them to test new services quickly, easily and in a cost effective way.

Pay As You Go Omnichannel (even then only on confirmed sales)

With free account set up and free product listings on Scan&Get, for most transactions there is no cost until a confirmed sale is received.

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