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Let’s see where this QR takes me

When I’m out and about if I see a QR code anywhere I just have to scan it – because it’s my passion I suppose – QR codes to help attract and retain customers.  The other day I enjoyed a meal in a pub and I was given a business card with my receipt when I paid the bill.  On the back it had a QR card inviting me to scan the QR code and give feedback, with the promise of the chance to win a “case of bubbly”.

Well, I wasn’t tempted to do it right away, but I took the card for later.  It sat on my hall table for several days before I thought I should scan it to see where it takes me (for research purposes, mainly!).  I scanned it and it took me promptly to a feedback site for the pub chain, and asked me to put in the telephone number of the pub I went to (on the business card) and the date I went.  Oops – I had forgotten.  Fell at the first hurdle.  Didn’t go any further.  I wonder how many customers actually follow this through?

Good to see that QR codes are being used imaginatively, but number one priority is that they need to be easy to use.

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