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RETAILERS! Use Order and Collect to reduce the queues

Are you looking to put in place a system to allow your customers to order and collect ? Or are you already doing this and could do with making your system faster and more efficient?

Our Order and Collect system allows you to take orders by any of your existing sales channels (web site, telephone, email etc) and allocate a collection time and day.  You can also use this system to organise deliveries.

We have just the tools for you!

We know how tough it is for you at the moment with  Covid-19 (Coronavirus).  And with the growing demand for collections and deliveries it is not always easy to provide enough slots.  This means that customers are getting impatient with the delays.

Reduce queues by using order and collect
Now that the lock-down is being eased up gradually, customers are being allowed to visit most shops again, but social distancing requirements mean reduced capacity that can result in queues spilling out on to the pavement.  This has a significant impact on takings and ultimately profit margins because you will lose customers.

There are signs that consumers are beginning to get impatient and tired of queues.  This will be even more evident when the weather becomes less clement.

So what is the solution?

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Our new Order and Collect  is a simple way of organising your pickups and deliveries by means of an easy to use input screen to allocate time slots.  Customers immediately receive confirmation of their orders and notification of their time slots via their mobile phones.  Order and Collect can be used standalone or in conjunction with a system that you already have in place to fulfil orders.

You can easily configure the slot booking system to suit your business needs, including:

Payment can be taken via your existing payment options or we can help you put in place a simple way for them to pay in advance when they order online if you don’t have this already.

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