The Scan&Get Order and Deliver system:

  • Delivery is by your chosen delivery partner
  • Allows you to allocate a collection date & time
  • Automatically sends an SMS notification to your customer with the delivery date and time slot
  • Automatically creates a packing slip that can be given to the customer. 
    • Add a QR code to the slip to promote further products and offers on a URL of your choice.
    • Optionally add a custom message to the packing slip

Key Features

  • Easy to use (only three pieces of information required for each order)
    • Customer Name
    • Customer mobile number
    • Your unique order reference
  • Secure encrypted data
    • Data is automatically deleted after 3 months or as specified by you
  • Low cost per order  (from 20p per order on standard subscription)* – sliding rates and lower cost subscription options available)
  • Monthly subscription – No long term commitment (turn on & off when required)
  • Orders received via your existing sales channels (your existing web site, email, phone etc…)

 You can configure: 

  • The standard days of the week and hours that are available
  • How many slots are available per hour
  • Disable slots by date and slot time
  • Custom SMS text message (including links to further collection instructions or promotional offers) **

What are the costs?

There are two subscription levels that both allow use of all of the fulfilment types and options.

  • Standard – £50.00 per month for up to 250 orders per month.
  • Premier – £80.00 per month for up to 500 orders per month. 

For both subscription levels any orders added over a monthly subscription level are charged at 15p per order***. 

Please note that the costs per order are based on standard (1 credit) confirmation SMS messages sent for each order.

* Based on a basic subscription of £50.00 per month for 250 orders using standard SMS confirmations.  See below for details on how this number will be reduced by the use of the  SMS customisation feature.

** Each order is based on 1 SMS credit being required, that allows messages up to 160 characters (including the standard confirmation text).  Customised messages that exceed 160 characters cost 1 credit per extra 160 characters.  This means that if you use the custom SMS feature to add a message that is for example 280 characters long, each confirmation that is sent will use two of your order credits.  A £50.00 monthly subscription would then only allow 125 orders to be added to the system.

*** Minimum blocks of 40 credits (£6.00) purchases required. Unlike subscription credits that are only valid for the current month, unused additional purchased credits will never expire and be rolled over for use in future months where subscription credits have been used up. 

**** All prices excluding VAT.