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Alternatives to Google 

Are you a retailer or manufacturer looking for alternatives to Google

Are you frustrated with trying to get your web site visible on line, daunted by the costs of search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising?  If  the answer is yes, then you are probably looking for alternatives to Google and other web search engines.

At Scan&Get we have low cost alternatives to Google that allow you to target your customers on their mobile devices without the need to spend hours, days, months and quite often a fortune.  Our basic packages is free to get started and allows you to try out a wide range of on line marketing tools.

With our basic package you need only ever pay small a small commission on completed sales.  This means that you get the opportunity to try new on line marketing tools without having to pay any development costs.  All that is required is as much of your time as you want to put in, we will even help you get started.

The tools available include click & collect, QR code marketing tools, a SMS text messaging feature that provides a direct link to purchase your products and much much more.

Click here to see a full list of the features available on both  our Basic (Free) and Premier (subscription based) packages.

Engage with your customers in store

The Scan&Get marketing platform allows you to engage with your customers in store on their mobiles devices, including allowing you to provide more detailed product information, offer alternative purchasing options, and accept reservations for products that are out of stock (or not usually held in stock).  You can even capture sales once the customer has left the store or indeed when your store is closed.

Scan&Get Premier account holders can grow their mailing lists by collecting customer email addresses and mobile numbers or grow the social media fan bases (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp).

Why not take a few moments to explore our site and see why we believe that Scan&Get truly is the answer for retailers looking for low cost alternatives to Google.

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