Near Field Communication (NFC) Coming Soon

Following successful testing, we are excited to announce that the Scan&Get marketplace will very soon be introducing support for Near Field Communication (NFC).

NFC is a great alternative to QR Codes that allows NFC enabled mobile devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into proximity, typically a distance of 10 cm (3.9 in) or less.  The user can then be linked directly to a web page.

However, it is not just enough to direct a user to a web page of your choice – to maximise the benefit of getting the user exactly where you want them, it is essential that the web page is mobile friendly.

Scan&Get will be bridging the gap between NFC tag creation and mobile optimised web pages by providing a complete solution that will enable retailers to tap into this exciting and growing trend at a very low cost.  Retailers will be able to list products for free on the Scan&Get mobile friendly marketplace and they will also be able to purchase from Scan&Get NFC tags and NFC enabled marketing materials.

In addition to the NFC marketing opportunities, retailers will also be able to take advantage of the full set of QR code marketing tools and benefit from inclusion in organic Google search engine results.

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