Grow your mailing lists and social media followers

social-mediax120Grow your mailing lists and social media followers

One of the great features of the Scan&Get mobile marketing platform is a tool that enables you to grow email / mobile mailing lists and social media followers. Using QR Codes, text/SMS messages or even just links from another web page the tool allows you to collect any of the following customer data (in any combination).

  • First name and/or Last name
  • Email and/or Mobile number
  • Facebook like, Twitter follower, Instagram follower

  • Give your customers a reason to sign up or follow you and generate sales

    There is the option to offer a discount voucher as an incentive for the customer providing the details you want to collect. The voucher is automatically sent to the customer by email once they have signed up. You can choose to run the following offer types:

    • A percentage discount (eg.5% of next purchase)
    • Money off discount (eg. Save £5 off your next purchase of £50 or more)
    • Free text discount (eg. Buy one get one free)

    You are able to include your own terms and conditions and set expiry dates for the vouchers.

    Tracking used vouchers

    The voucher that is automatically sent to the customer when they sign up includes a QR barcode that can be scanned with any smartphone that has a QR code reader app installed (we recommend a free app called i-nigma Once scanned you are linked to a web page that will immediately tell you if the voucher is still valid or has been redeemed. If the voucher has not been used, from the same screen you are able to enter a password and mark the voucher as redeemed.

  • Keeping your customer data secure

    Your customer data is stored in your own encrypted data table and is only available to you. Scan&Get will never share or sell your data to any third parties.

  • Low cost subscription options

    • Monthly payment £12.00 per month
    • Quarterly payment £30.00 per quarter
    • Annual payment £90.00 per year
    • 8p per text response message sent (text message service is optional).

  • Poster Demo
    Click here  to see the poster that is automatically available and can be easily printed using the Scan&Get marketing tool.

    Pop Up  / Web Site Button Demo
    Alternatively click here to see how it could work as a pop up or advert on your web site.

    This is a real example and you can either scan the QR code or text the SMS short code on the poster to see exactly how it works from the customer perspective. You will even be able to take advantage of the offer!!

    Remember this is just one example of how you can use the tool to promote your business and grow your email /mobile mailing lists and social followers. You can download the QR code or use the text short code in any type of marketing materials that you produce, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

But why stop there

It is very important to note that this is only one of a number of tools available on the Scan&Get marketing platform. Tools that are designed to help you engage with your customers on their mobile devices, linking the in-store / venue experience with the customer on-line journey.

As a premium member you will have full access to all the current tools, including product / ticket retailing options that allow you to offer click & collect, home delivery, InPost locker delivery, out of stock reservations and much more. Click here to see just how much more you can do using the Scan&Get marketing platform.

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