How to build an SMS campaign that generates immediate sales

While recently reading a very useful and interesting article on how to build a successful SMS marketing campaign, I was particularly interested in the section that advises you to ‘clearly state your call to action’. This is because with the Scan&Get SMS function the text messages that you send to your customers are your call to action.

A soon as your customers click the link in the SMS that you have sent them using Scan&Get they will immediately be able to purchase the product that you are promoting. Alternatively, if you want to promote a range of products, you can use a link that takes them to a page displaying your chosen products and then with one further click they can purchase the product they want.

You do not even need your own web site! It is very easy and straight forward to set up a Scan&Get store and once you have added a least one product you can very quickly start using SMS campaigns to reach your customers on their mobile devices and actually make sales.

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