In Store Smartphone Shopping

Convert Browsing Customers into Sales

How great would it be if you could convert some of those browsing customers into confirmed sales?

How many times have you been busy with a customer and seen other customers that look genuinely interest walk out of the store or away from your stand at a show or exhibition?

Increase your sales and profits today

With Scan&Get you can easily create and print QR-codes for your products or store catalogue page that your browsing customers can scan with their mobile phones. This means that even after they have left your store or stand they can user their mobile phone to make a purchase. And it does not end there, they can easily send a link to their friends and family generating even more sales.

Combine the QR-codes with incentives such as cost savings and discounts for scanning the products and see your sales increase.

Not a fan of QR-Codes

Why not try NFC tags – these can be less conspicuous and only require people to hold their smartphones near the display or items where you have placed the NFC tag.

Worried about the cost and time

With Scan&Get it is free to start using these tools, with free product listings that mean you only ever pay a small commission on actual sales.  You do not require programming skills and do not have to spend hours creating web pages.  Simply add a few store details and you can add products within minutes and generate your QR-Codes immediately.  (The learning curve is really very small).  If you do not find it easy – we want to know and we will fix it.

A growing range of Innovative features

Scan&Get also has many other features that you can use to offer services such as:

  • Click & collect
  • InPost locker delivery
  • SMS marketing tools
  • Email Marketing
  • Out of stock reserve options

How does it work

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