New low-cost ways to drive customers to your online store

OK – so you have set up your online store and you are now waiting for potential customers to find you. You have done your best to tell the search engines you are there, and you may even be paying big money to appear at the top of searches. But is it driving customers to your online store AND getting you more footfall in your bricks and mortar shop?

Do you wish there were another way that you could have more control over getting customers directly to your products?

Well, there is! At Scan&Get we are dedicated to helping small to medium size retailers get more customers by providing free a range of exciting new digital tools that have until now been available only at great expense to the big retailers who have commissioned their own apps. Take a look at these tools here

You only pay when you sell an item

Your Scan&Get store is free to set up – you only pay a small commission on completed sales – you can’t lose!

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