How Does It Work?

Sign up and create a store for free

To get started simply complete the short on line application form and we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm a few details and immediately set up your Scan&Get store.

There is no download of software required, you will be  sent an account activation and login email and you will immediately be able to update your Scan&Get store settings and start selling.

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Keep full financial control

Although your store will be provided via the Scan&Get on line platform, you will maintain full financial control of your store, with payments being made directly to your PayPal business or PayPal Pro account.

Start adding your products for free

It is completely free to set up a Scan&Get store and to list up to 500 items in the store. There is no charge at any point for simply listing an item for sale.

There are no hidden charges, you will be able to use all the features that the Scan&Get platform has to offer. You will only be charged for each sale completed. In other words we only get paid once you have been paid!

(Please note that if you choose to use the SMS / Text update facility there is a charge of 10p for each text message sent)

Select the transaction (shopping methods) you want to offer your customers

The Scan&Get platform offers five transaction types that you can offer your customers as detailed below. You can offer any mix of transaction types to your customers either on a global basis for all the products that you have listed in your Scan&Get store, or on a product by product basis. The transaction types are:

Scan & Collect Same Day

Customers can make a purchase and collect the item from your store / location on the same day.

Scan & Collect Next Day

Customers can make a purchase and collect the item from your store / location the next day.

Scan & Deliver

Customers can make a purchase and have the item delivered.

Scan & Reserve

Customers can make a reservation without payment and they will then be automatically notified by email or SMS / text when the item comes back in stock. The email or text message will provide a link directly to the item to allow them make a purchase.

Scan & Reserve Plus

Customers can make a reservation with payment and they will then be automatically notified by email or SMS / text when the item comes back in stock and is despatched or made available for collection from your store / location.

Deploy your QR codes

Every time you add a product to your Scan&Get store a QR code is automatically generated that can be used to direct customers directly to the product to make a purchase.

  • You will have the ability to create the code in whatever size you require
  • Save QR Codes as image files that can be sent to printers for product packaging
  • Save QR Codes as image files that can be used in printed product promotional literature
  • Print Avery 35 mm labels QR codes either in full sheets of one product or sheets containing multiple products.

Each product will also have a normal url link that you can copy and paste for use in on line promotional activities for your product.

Start receiving orders

You will receive an email notification (and text message if selected) each time a successful sale or reservation is made on your Scan&Get store.  You will be able to view and manage your orders from any PC or laptop anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Fulfil your orders

Your Scan&Get store allows you to manage your order fulfilment, with the following key features:

  • Print packaging slips with a QR code reorder facility
  • Show delivery methods
  • Add tracking references
  • Automatically notify customers that their order has been dispatched or is ready for collection

Pay fees only on orders that you have been paid for

We believe that this is the best bit, so we will just give you a quick reminder that you will only ever pay fees for completed paid orders and any text messages notifications sent. There is no charge for adding the first 500 items and there is no charge for any reserve without payment orders received.

You will initially be set a credit limit of £50 and will be billed either as soon as your reach your credit limit or once every 28 days whichever is the soonest. Payment in full is required by bank transfer within 5 working days of each invoice date.
Get Started For Free

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