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QR code to get voucher

Use QR codes to get clients to come back

QR code to get voucher

Ki Connections uses QR code on display stand at local event to encourage clients to rebook.

Clients who were very pleased with the mini treatments they received at a recent local Pamper Event in Banbury were delighted and intrigued to try out Ki Connections‘ new QR code voucher system.  All they had to do was scan the QR code with their smartphones and fill in their email address for the voucher to be sent to and they instantly received a £5 voucher off their next treatment.  They also had the opportunity to connect on Facebook and Twitter.

Find out how you can use QR codes to give vouchers and get clients to connect on Social Media

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Use QR codes on your office equipment as a quick reference

You can attach a QR code label to any piece of equipment to provide a quick reference

QR codes on printer Need to order new cartridges? Can’t remember where you last bought them from? Next time make a QR code from the url of the item on the web page of the supplier you bought them from and print it on a label and attach it to your printer. Problem solved. Just scan the QR code when you want to purchase again and that will take you straight to the product.
Tip! You can use our free QR code generator tool to make the QR code – any size you want.
You can use this idea on any piece of equipment or item of stationery or anything that you repeat buy but not very often.
Don’t waste time any more trying to find the last invoice or the supplier details. Just take out your smartphone and scan the QR code.

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Guest WiFi

Why you can’t afford not to provide guest WiFi

Why you can’t afford not to provide guest Wi-Fi for your customers

Guest WiFiMore and more consumers are getting used to and indeed expect to be able to use the Wi-Fi of the businesses they are visiting.  This means that providing your customers with secure guest Wi-Fi access is becoming a must have service for many businesses.  The retail sector is no exception to this rapidly growing trend.

With the unchecked boom in online retailing and more specifically mobile retailing, it is becoming vital that retailers find ways of engaging with their customers by joining the customer online experience with their in-store marketing activities.

Guest Wi-Fi gives your customers the tools they need

Having invested time and money in the customer online journey, it makes no sense not to ensure that your customers have fast guest Wi-Fi access that will allow them to make the most of your online services.

Benefits of Providing Guest Wi-Fi  Access / Public Wi-Fi Acess

  • Increase dwell time in store
  • Competitive edge (helping to level the playing field with big retailers)
  • Tool to promote in store and on line offers (captive sign on page)
  • Ensure that customers can make full use of on-line services
  • Meets customer expectations and strengthen brand loyalty
  • Allow customers to research & make buying decisions
  • Make it easy for customers to share offers via social media

No need for large investment

  • New equipment not always necessary
  • In many cases only a low cost access point and cloud based network control platform is all that is required
  • Get connected from as little as £100.00*

The best guest Wi-Fi solution for your business

Find out how At Scan&Get can we help you select the best guest Wi-Fi provider and solution for your individual requirements.   We can also provide with you a range of powerful online marketing tools that will ensure that you capture the attention of every customer who connects to your guest Wi-Fi and give you the opportunity to sell more products, grow social media and customer marketing lists, strengthen your brand and increase customer loyalty.

*Assumes that you have an existing compatible broadband service and router. For more advanced features an annual subscription may also be required

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FB Logo

How to get likes on Facebook

How to get likes on Facebook

A Facebook page is a great way to attract potential customers, build your brand and promote your products and services to an audience that you know wants to hear from you.  However, one of the biggest problems is initially how to get likes on Facebook.

Scan&Get includes an amazing feature that allows you to provide your customers with an easy way to like your Facebook page. Scan&Get is a powerful sales and marketing tool that gives you many ways to engage with your customers in-store and online.

Using the Scan&Get Customer Data feature you can create a mobile optimised web page that has an automatically generated QR Code and a custom URL.  Your customers can then scan or click, as appropriate, to be able instantly to like your Facebook page. At the same time you can also use the other powerful Scan&Get features to promote and sell your products and services.

The image below shows how using a simple well positioned display stand you can grab your customers’ attention and start to engage with them in-store.  Ideal positions for the stand would be where customers are most likely to pass or spend time.  This includes areas such as the just outside the store entrance, queuing areas or by tills.

Get Started Today

Scan the QR code below with your mobile device to see what happens when a customer scans it

How to get likes on Facebook

How to get likes on Facebook


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Scan&Get - providing alternatives to Google

Alternatives to Google 

Are you a retailer or manufacturer looking for alternatives to Google

Are you frustrated with trying to get your web site visible on line, daunted by the costs of search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising?  If  the answer is yes, then you are probably looking for alternatives to Google and other web search engines.

At Scan&Get we have low cost alternatives to Google that allow you to target your customers on their mobile devices without the need to spend hours, days, months and quite often a fortune.  Our basic packages is free to get started and allows you to try out a wide range of on line marketing tools.

With our basic package you need only ever pay small a small commission on completed sales.  This means that you get the opportunity to try new on line marketing tools without having to pay any development costs.  All that is required is as much of your time as you want to put in, we will even help you get started.

The tools available include click & collect, QR code marketing tools, a SMS text messaging feature that provides a direct link to purchase your products and much much more.

Click here to see a full list of the features available on both  our Basic (Free) and Premier (subscription based) packages.

Engage with your customers in store

The Scan&Get marketing platform allows you to engage with your customers in store on their mobiles devices, including allowing you to provide more detailed product information, offer alternative purchasing options, and accept reservations for products that are out of stock (or not usually held in stock).  You can even capture sales once the customer has left the store or indeed when your store is closed.

Scan&Get Premier account holders can grow their mailing lists by collecting customer email addresses and mobile numbers or grow the social media fan bases (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp).

Why not take a few moments to explore our site and see why we believe that Scan&Get truly is the answer for retailers looking for low cost alternatives to Google.

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Scan&Get - providing alternatives to Google

Retailers Wanted

Retailers Wanted

We are looking for a number of retailers to work with us on trialing our new Scan&Get features .

The Scan&Get online marketing tools makes it easy for retailers to connect with their customers on their mobile devices. Scan&Get also allows retailers to bring together their customers online and in-store experiences.

Packed full of features

Scan&Get is packed full of features that allow retailers to engage with their customers both in-store and online. The platform can be used to make direct sales, promote products, build social media fan bases (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) build email and mobile marketing lists and much more…

* QR Code & NFC (near field communication) Tools

* Click & Collect

* InPost Locker Delivery

* SMS Marketing Tools

* Email Marketing Tools

* Scan & Reserve

* Social Sharing

* Wish Lists

What we are looking for

We are looking for retailers who are keen to find new ways of engaging with their customers or want to improve their customers omni-channel experience with the aim of increasing sales and profits.

What will you get

You will get the opportunity to try a wide range of exciting features and tools that will improve your customers online and in-store experience, ultimately increasing sales. We will work with you to set up your Scan&Get store and guide you through the process of making Scan&Get work for you. In addition to this you will receive a discounted commission and subscription rates.

What we expect in return

We would ask for a minimum commitment of 3 to 6 months, permission to use your store in promotional activities and active engagement in setting up and managing your Scan&Get store.

For further details give Derek a ring on 07403 237059 or email

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Mobile Internet Retailing

The Internet Retailing Expo at the NEC was buzzing recently with exciting mobile developments in retail – a whole host of workshops and presentations from forward thinking retailers who are already implementing some of these ideas.


Stuart McMillan- Deputy Head of Commerce, Schuh – gave a lively talk on how fast mobile shopping is growing.

89% of their mobile customers have never shopped with them on anything but mobile.

Do you provide mobile shopping for your customers?  Not sure how to get started?  We are ready to help you jump on the mobile shopping bandwagon.

Call us on 0800 999 2363 or email to find out how Scan&Get can quickly and easily kick-start your customer omnichannel experience.

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Omnichannel for independent retailers

Omnichannel for Independent Retailers

Omnichannel for independent retailers

There is an ever increasing flow of news and reports on how retailers need to improve their customers omnichannel experience and while this is true, most of the reports are focused on large retailers with many stores. Accordingly the majority of the omnichannel systems and software being developed are focused on medium to large companies.
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